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Measures taken by Camping Joan
to Covid-19 prevention



The current situation caused by COVID-19 forces us to keep protocols so your stay in our facilities is safe and does not increase the risk of infection and to determine the necessary measures for our employees.

We ask you to read this document carefully as it contains the recommendations to be followed at the campsite to minimize the health risks posed by the COVID-19 virus, without affecting the applicable legislation, and that you must follow during your stay at Camping Joan.

By accessing our facilities, you expressly accept their compliance, as well as the safety regulations about which you will be informed prior to your stay.


What is Covid-19?

You probably know that COVID-19 is a disease caused by the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, a virus that was first discovered on December 2019. The most common symptoms it causes are: fever, cough and shortness of breath. Other symptoms may include: tiredness, pain, runny nose, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, loss of smell or taste... 

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We take care of you and your relatives

Our main concern is to ensure that the risk of infection does not increase. Thats why we have implemented some necessary protective measures for you and your companions, as well as for the campsite's employees.

The guidelines of the Spanish Ministry of Health and the ICTE (Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality) have been taken into account in the preparation of this document to provide you with best practices in relation to services, facilities and staff for combating the virus. 

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Human and material resources (personal protective equipment, face masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel, protective screens) as well as defined action logs were provided in case that an employee or guest shows symptoms that are compatible with COVID-19.

Our employees were tested according to the health criteria set by the competent authorities, with the result that the are able to work. 


What should you consider during your stay? 

Before the arrival at the campsite, the guest undertakes to comply with the protocols and preventive measures, which have been established both by the responsible authorities and by the campsite itself, throughout all the stay and to ensure that all the people in the reservation to comply with them as well.

In addition, the guest declares at its own risk that all members of this booking comply the following health requirements:

  • # Not having any illnesses or symptoms that are compatible with Covid-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, malaise, diarrhea ...) or any other infectious disease.
  • # Not having lived with a confirmed Covid-19-positive person or with any person with compatible symptoms nor had close contact with them in the 10 days before the start of the stay at the campsite.

In general, you should keep in mind during your entire stay that you have to, if possible, maintain the safety distance recommended by the WHO (1,5 meters). If this is not possible, the use of a face mask is required.

At the entrance of each common area you will find hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. Ensure that a good hand hygiene helps to prevent the spread of viruses.

Everyone must respect and follow the directions you will find on the signs posted in our facilities and follow both the directions listed here (which we will update as the situation evolves and the competent authorities indicated it) and our staff ones.




Our front desk staff will contact you to arrange an automatic check-in. In this way, it is not necessary to carry out the entire check-in process at the reception. When you arrive at the campsite, all you have to do is take your beach access card and, if necessary, the access card to your accommodation.

If you arrive at the campsite without a reservation, one person can go to the reception to check in and collect the appropriate cards. If this is the case, you must bring the documents of all your companions with you.

The permitted capacity is indicated at the reception entrance next to a hydroalcohol gel dispenser. If the receptionists are busy, please keep your safety distance until it is your turn and we will attend you as soon as possible.

As far as we can, we will try to ensure that plots and accommodations are allocated preferentially if they have not been used in the past 48 hours.

Whenever possible, we would appreciate it if you could pay by credit or debit card. When paying with a card, the employee will never pick up the card and the data telephone will be disinfected after each use.

We can assist you 24 hours a day, by phone on +34 977 364 604 or on the extension 222 if the call is made from one of our accommodations.

The access cards to both the accommodation and the beach are disinfected before handover, as are the lanyards, which are cleaned in accordance with the specified hygiene measures.

Inside the campsite, you must follow the instructions for each specific area: sanitary facilities, swimming pool, playgrounds, etc. This information is subject to change depending on the guidelines given by the authorities.




The service area is intended exclusively for pitches' customers.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance of the sanitary facilities. You have to wait outside by staying in line and keeping social distance. The capacity that is permitted at any time is perfectly marked.

You must wear a mask inside the building.

It is recommended to wear suitable footwear to access to the showers.

The cleaning and disinfection protocol has been adapted to the provisions of COVID-19. The products used are the approved ones and the cleaning frequency has also been increased.


Washing Area

Washing Area

When washing dishes and laundry, it is necessary to wear a mask, because without it we cannot guarantee social distance.

A hydroalcohol gel dispenser is available.


Entertainment Club

Entertainment Club

The animation activities have been rescheduled to comply with current regulations. The weekly planning is published on the website.

Access to the mini club must be based on the capacity specified at the entrance.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance for correct hand disinfection.

The use of a face mask is necessary as the social distance cannot be guaranteed. You must always wear a face mask during the aperitif game, mini disco and evening show, even if they are outdoors.

The hygiene and disinfection protocol and the products used have been adapted so that all health guarantees are given.




Access is limited to the capacity specified at the entrance. It is necessary to wait for the row outside while always respecting the social distance.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance.

A face mask must be worn inside.




You must respect the capacity indicated on the entrance sign of each playground.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance. Remember that good hand hygiene helps to prevent viruses from spreading.

The use of a mask is mandatory as this is the only way to ensure social distance.

Our employees always ensure the proper operation of the campsite. They are responsible to disinfecting frequently the facilities and checking the areas with the hightest contact.


Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Fitness Centre has been adapted to the current regulations, and reduced the number of available equipment.

A Covid Certificate is needed to access Fitness Center. If you have it, ask for access at Reception. The capacity indicated on the sign at the entrance must be respected.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance.

It is necessary to use the protective mask in the common areas such as the reception or the restrooms.

It is recommended to wear suitable footwear for the access to the showers.

A towel must be used inside the Fitness Center facilities, especially on the equipment that is being used.

After its use, each device must be disinfected for the next customer. For this purpose, there will be a dispenser with disinfectant and paper towels available to you.

The cleaning and disinfection protocol has been adapted to the regulations of COVID-19. The products used are the approved ones and the cleaning frequency has been increased.




Access is limited by the capacity marked at the entrance of the machine, which is determined according to the measures that the Spanish authorities will publish.

Access to the pool is only possible if the entrance light is green.At the entrance there is a dispenser for hydroalcoholic gel.

Social distance between people who do not belong to the same group must be always maintained.

Appropriate footwear (flip-flops) is required to access the swimming pool.

A towel should always be placed on the deckchairs to use them.

The deckchairs and pasunshades cannot be moved from their place because they have been set up according to the social distance. If this is necessary for any reason, please ask our staff.

The cleaning and disinfection protocol has been adapted to the regulations of COVID-19. The products used are the approved ones and the cleaning frequency has been increased.




The entrances and exits, which are properly signposted, must be respected. Wait outside for your turn, keeping a distance of 1,5 meters.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance to the building. Use of gloves and a protective mask is mandatory for access to the inside of the supermarket.

Whenever possible, we recommend payment by credit card, which the employee should never handle. The data telephone is disinfected after each use.

At the exit, the used gloves must be deposited in the designated place.




At the restaurants entrance, the permitted capacity is indicated and it varies depending on the phase we are in.

You have to respect the queue outdoors while maintaining social distance. Our staff will show you where you can sit.

Access to the indoor dining room requires a Covid Certificate. The certificate is not required for staying on the terrace.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance.

Tables and chairs must not be moved.

We have a QR code to read the menu in your language. If you do not have this technology, ask our staff to explain the contents of the menu to you.

We offer takeaway service for both clients and outsiders.

Whenever possible, we recommend payment by credit card, which the employee must not manipulate under any circumstances. The data telephone is disinfected after each use.




All accommodations are equipped with kitchen utensils and dinnerware set according to the maximum occupancy allowed. You will also find a fridge, microwave oven and TV.

Beds are covered with a mattress cover and a protective cover that is disinfected after each stay. The same procedure is carried out with the pillowcases.

All accommodations have duvets. They are cleaned and disinfected after each stay.

all accommodations have blankets sealed in a bag. They are cleaned and disinfected after each stay.

The cleaning and disinfection protocol has been adapted to the regulations of COVID-19. The products used are the approved ones.



What preventive measures should you take to avoid infection? 

covid Avoid body contact at greeting, including shaking hands, with both employees and other guests or friends.

covid Throw away all personal hygiene items (especially handkerchiefs) in trash cans or containers, never on the floor or outside the trash cans.

covid Clean your hands thoroughly and frequently, especially after sneezing, coughing, or touching potentially contaminated surfaces, as recommended by the World Health Organization.

covid Use the dispensers of hydroalcoholic solutions that you can find in the campsite facilities.

covid Keep a safe distance (1,5 meters) and avoid crowds.

covid In some areas where social distance cannot be guaranteed, the use of a face mask is required. Wearing a face mask is also required whenever you enter to an indoor area: reception, supermarket, sanitary facilities, animation club, fitness center... and also when you make an order at the pool bar.

covid We recommend using suitable footwear in the showers.

covid Remember that, even while you are at the campsite, you must maintain groups of stable cohabitation and that meetings of more than 10 people cannot be held.

covid At the sanitary facilities, which are only intended for camping guests, you have to wait until it is your turn to use toilets, sinks, showers and urinals, always keeping the safety distance and not being allowed to remain inside as long as they are occupied. Always follow the access instructions.


What should yu do if you have symptoms during your stay?

If you or any of your companions have any symptoms during your stay, please notify reception first and the corresponding protocol will be applied. The campsite will guide you through the entire process.

First of all, you must wear a mouth mask to prevent possible contamination and avoid physical contact at anytime. The symptomatic person will be separated and contact with Cambrils First Aid or 061. Instructions and action protocols will be followed always.

In case any quarantine or isolation within our facilities would be needed, the costs incurred will be paid by the client.

If you come from abroad, we recommend yoi to travell with your European Health Card or any health insurance.


By Camping Joan... 

As we have said before, we are applying the guidelines established by the competent authorities and our staff, depending on their job, have received, among others:

  • Specific training on: use of equipment, use of cleaning and disinfection products that are certified and approved by the Ministry of Health (both personally and for the tasks associated with their job) and preventive maintenance plans..
  • Personal protective equipment: face masks, protective gloves, full view glasses...


We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a PLEASANT STAY. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything.




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