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Covid-19 Information


First of all, let us send you our best health wishes! We are looking forward to see you again very soon, enjoying fun and outdoor time.

Our challenge for this season has been, and it is, to constantly reinvent ourselves so that families can enjoy their holidays with the maximum security and calm. We strive to adapt to any recommendation or regulation that may be published through the official sources.

We detail below what measures we have adopted in each case (due to the constant evolution of the situation, this information may undergo changes so we will update it continuosly):


Covid-19 prevention measures

We have adapted our prevention protocols and safety rules so your stay in our facilities is safe and does not increase the risk of infection.

We ask you to read this document carefully as it contains the recommendations to be followed at the campsite to minimize the health risks and that you must follow during your stay .


Opened services


Plots area
Sanitay blocks


Playground La Palmera
Playground MiniPark Pirata
Playground CrossPark


Bar Restaurant La Palmera


Kids entertaintment
Family entertainment

Fitness Center




Covid-19 FAQs  

  When does Camping Joan close? ** NEW**

Camping Joan is opened until December, 13th 2020

  Can you make bookings on a accommodation?

Yes. Reservations can be made in any of our accommodations: bungalows, mobile-homes and apartments. Check availability at www.campingjoan.com.

  Can you make bookings on pitch?

Yes. Reservations can be made in any of our plots. Check availability at www.campingjoan.com

|  Can the sanitary blocks be used?

The sanitary blocks are considered common areas and are opened with limited capacity and complying with established safety and hygiene standards.

| How the access to the sanitary blocks is controlled?

The service area is intended exclusively for pitches' customers. The capacity that is permitted at any time is perfectly marked at the entrance. You have to wait outside by staying in line and keeping social distance.

  Are the restaurants opened? ** NEW**

Xiringuito Restaurant del Mar is already closed.

Bar Restaurant La Palmera is still open to guests of the campsite, but with limited capacity. We recommend that you reserve in advance to avoid crowds. Is opened for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and takeaway options are also available. Opening times: Friday from 12 pm to 9 pm, Saturday from 9:30 am to 9 pm and Sunday from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Monday to Thursday there is no restaurant service.

  As a customer of the campsite, how can I go to the restaurants? ** NEW**

In order to use the services of our restaurants, you must wear the identification bracelet that was given to you by reception upon check-in.

We remind you that due to the new regulations, restaurants are only opened to campsite guests.

  Do the restaurants offer takeaway service?** NEW**

Yes. Bar-Restaurant La Palmera is still opened and offers takeaway service for customers and people from outside. You can check the menu here.

Xiringuito Restaurant del Mar is already closed.

  Is the supermarket opened?

Yes, in compliance with established safety and hygiene standards.

  Are the playgrounds opened? ** NEW**

Yes. They are opened every day until 8 pm. The rules posted at the entrance must befollowed.

  Is entertaniment scheduled?

Yes, in compliance with established safety and hygiene standards.

  How the access to the Entertainment Club is controlled?

Access to the mini club must be based on the capacity specified at the entrance. Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance for correct hand disinfection. The use of a face mask is necessary.

  How the activities are?

The animation activities have been rescheduled to comply with current regulations. The weekly planning is published on the website. See activities here.

  Are there any activities for adults? ** NEW**

There are no activities for adults, but there are some familiar activities. See all activities here.

  Are there night shows scheduled? ** NEW**

No, this season's shows program has already ended.

  Is it allowed to play football or volleyball on the beach?

Yes, respecting the safety distance. As this is an sport, it is not necessary to use a face mask.

  Can the Fitness Center be used?

The Fitness Center is considered a common area and is opened with limited capacity and complying with established safety and hygiene standards.

  How the access to the Fitness Center is controlled?

To access the Fitness Center, it is necessary to use the access card provided at check-in. The capacity indicated on the sign at the entrance must be respected. Remember that children under 16 do not have access to this facilities.

  Can I rent sheets and towels?

Yes, you can. If you rent them in advance, you will find the beds made and the towels, clean and disinfected, will be locked in a bag, directly from the laundry.

  Will I find duvets in the accommodation? ** NEW**

Yes, all of our accommodations have duvets. They are cleaned and disinfected after each stay.

  Will I find blankets in the accommodation? ** NEW**

Yes, you will. All accommodations have blankets sealed in a bag. They are cleaned and disinfected after each stay.

  What measures are established to guarantee workers and clients safety?

Camping Joan team is working to offer all possible services, complying with the established safety and hygiene standards. All the measures established by the health authorities are applied, such as the disinfection of the facilities, the training of personnel to take extreme precautions and to prevent infections...

At different campsite locations you will find notifications and posters with information about prevent risks.

   What if I have to cancel my boooking?

You can cancel your booking at any time.

Facing the uncertainty caused by the current circumstances, we have adjusted our cancellation policy, i.e. in the event of cancellation:

  • If notified up to 5 days before the arrival date, we will refund 100% of the amount paid
  • If you cancel less than 5 days before your arrival date, you will lose 100% of the amount

In case that your journey is blocked by the health authorities, we will refund you 100% of the amount.

   What should you do if you have symptoms during your stay?

If you or any of your companions have any symptoms during your stay, please notify reception first and the corresponding protocol will be applied. The campsite will guide you through the entire process.

First of all, you must wear a mouth mask to prevent possible contamination and avoid physical contact at anytime. The symptomatic person will be separated and contact with Cambrils First Aid or 061. Instructions and action protocols will be followed always.

In case any quarantine or isolation within our facilities would be needed, the costs incurred will be paid by the client.

   What if I com from abroad?

If you come from abroad, we recommend yoi to travell with your European Health Card or any health insurance.

   What protocols should be followed on the beach?

Beaches are managed by the City Council. Nowadays, the measures to follow are: to respect social distance and use the face mask if the distance cannot be guaranteed, to respect the capacity, to wash your hands frequently, to use the showers individually and do not share utensils or food with people who are not in your group.

Can I receive visits?

Visits will be allowed depending on the campsite's occupancy. We recommend you to ask at Reception about the possible restrictions might be during your stay.

You must remember that, if they are allowed, visits must be registered at the Reception by delivering the ID or Passport.

   Is it necessary to wear a face mask at the campsite?

The use of face masks, the social distancing and the cleaning of hands, responds exclusively to the coexistence - for the common wellness - of having the maximum precaution and responsibility to avoid new contagions and new spreading of the Coronavirus. For this reason, its use is needed on all public spaces to ensure the maximum safety and hygiene to all customers during their family vacations. It is a health guarantee and social responsibility plus for all tourists who visit us.

   Should I use a face mask on my plot?

No, you shouldn't. It is not necessary because it is not considered a public space.

   Should I use a mask on my bungalow, mobile-home or apartment?

No, you shouldn't. It is not necessary because it is not considered a public space.

   Should I use a face mask at the restaurant?

Only during the acces, but no when you are sitting on the table.

   Should I use a face mask at the supermarket?

Yes you should, just like happens in your town or city.

   Should I use a face mask at the beach?

While you are sunbathing or having a bath you do not need to wear a face mask.

   Should I use a face mask at the entertainment activities?

Yes, you should. At the entertainment club it is difficult to guarantee social distance with children and that is the reason why the face mask is needed for everybody's safeness. The same happens in the activities that are carried out even if they are outdoors: minidisco, outdoor games, etc.

At night shows is also needed tho wear the face mask.

   Should I use a face mask at the reception?

Yes, you should. It is a public space where you can meet other guest without keeping social distancement.

   Should I use a face mask at the washing area?

Yes, you should. It is a public space where you can meet other guest without keeping social distancement.

   What does it mean that the campsite is certified with the SAFE TOURISM seal?

"Safe Tourism Certified" is a seal that recognizes tourist establishments that apply important security protocols. It is awarded by Institut per a la Qualitat Turística Espanyola (the Spanish Tourism Quality Institute).

It is allowed to smoke at the campsite?

Smoking is only allowed on public roads or in the outdoor spaces when a minimum distance of at least 2m can be kept.

It is allowed to smoke at the restaurant terraces?

Smoking is not allowed at the restaurants terrace, as a 2m distance to other people cannot be guaranteed.

Update: October 19th, 2020 

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